Ground screw solutions for construction

Our professional-grade ground screw systems create reliable foundations for a wide variety of light industrial projects, from anchoring wooden structures to fencing, footbridges and storage containers. Quick to assemble without the need for concrete footings or excavation, our solution dramatically reduces your labor and materials costs while minimizing environmental impact.



A stable foundation ready in in a fraction of the time


Systems designed to minimize waste and environmental impact


Save on materials and labor with no digging or concrete needed


We can design and manufacture systems according to your needs


  • Temporary Structures
  • Pavilions
  • Bridges & Footbridges
  • Fencing
  • Traffic Signs
  • Advertising Spaces
  • Timber-frame halls
  • Wooden Houses
  • Office Containers
  • Carports


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Connector Parts

Use our modular system of connectors and hardware to create a stable foundation for many types of projects.

Installation Products

  • Pile Driver
  • Skidloading Installation Mast
  • Hand-Driven Installer

Ground Mounting System

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Solar Panel

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